APPEAL - Flicka came to us as a 4 year old mare with the worst disability we have ever seen

When she was discovered her hoof was over a foot long and digging into her other leg. Her lower leg is so badly twisted that her hoof grows out sideways. We suspect this injury occurred during a very stressful birth; the pain taking her first steps would have been unimaginable. Expert farrier treatment helps to correct the angle of her hoof so Flicka can move quite well around the Sanctuary.

Please donate to the Flicka campaign and help us care for Flicka and other animals with ongoing health issues. Your help will secure a long and happy life for these animals, away from the horrible neglect and cruelty that they have suffered in the past.

Text FLICKA to 50300 to donate 2
100% of your donation goes to the NEAS across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of 1.63 will go to the NEAS.
APPEAL - Good Foster Homes for Donkeys needed

Recent arrivals include this mother and her two foals and Crusoe who arrived underweight with very bad hooves. We are now caring for 22 donkeys. If we can find excellent homes for some donkeys soon we will be able to help more abandoned and neglected donkeys this winter.
Enquires to (fostering agreement and home check applies)
rescued donkeys
New Arrivals

New iguana exploring the reptile house.
rescued iguana
Influx of Hedgehogs

Large influx of very small hedgehogs very late in the season this year.
rescued hedgehogs

Hire Here Donate Mini-digger

A huge THANK YOU! to Hire Here who have generously donated the use of a mini-digger to us. Hudd the Emu was besotted with the new arrival who has a very long 'neck' like her!!
We would like to recommend Hire Here to all our friends and supporters you.

Rescued Parrots

We have recently been asked to take in a number of parrots and are currently fundraising for a new aviary block. We have seen an increase in the number of parrots coming in and we would be very grateful for a regular supply of donated parrot food – if you can help by donating a sack please email and let’s see how we can arrange getting it to the sanctuary! Thank you
rescued parrot rescued parrot rescued parrot
Newly Awakened Hedgehogs

Two hedgehogs wide awake and lively after hibernation: a tiny hoglet was hand-reared last year summer and an adult was found in poor condition on the road and has slowly regained his health.
Hedgehog hibernation Hedgehog hibernation Hedgehog hibernation
Hedgehog hibernation Hedgehog hibernation  
Edith and Piaf

Mum (Edith) and her one day old foal (Piaf) arrived at the Sanctuary in December 2012. Edith is very shy and apprehensive. Piaf is curious and friendly and growing fast. They are getting to know the other donkeys.

Two new goats rescued

These two male goats were found near the Westmeath/Meath border having been dumped and consequently attacked by dogs.

They had obviously been locked up somewhere and starved for a considerable time as they were appallingly thin, covered in lice and very nervous.

Despite immediate veterinary treatment the weakest goat did not survive. ‘Evan’ has pulled through and is gaining weight and a little confidence.

Jake update: September 2011

As many of you may have heard, unfortunately Jake died last week in his sleep. He simply lay down and didn't wake up. There may have been a complication with his injuries. He had really turned a corner and we had started to hope for the best, but sometimes these things are not meant to be.

His pain medication was monitored continously and he was not suffering, in fact he had some great days asleep in the sun and each morning in the paddock he met the other donkeys and ponies. His time with us here at least gave him the chance to know care and friendliness from people and he was not alone.

Please take comfort in the fact that he was looked after and cared for and we did everything that could be done for him. My thanks to all who helped, sent cards, rang to enquire about him, and to all the volunteers who nursed him, fed him and special thanks to Julie for helping me with wound management.

Yvonne and I also want to thank John Drum our vet and all in Blackwater vet clinic for their continous help and dedication to the sanctuary.

Jake will be remembered fondly by all of us here at NEAS.


Jake was found on the bog near Kells in County Meath on 15th August. He had been shot at point blank range in the face and left to die of his horrific injuries and starvation.
NEAS was able to collect Jake straightaway and our vet John Drum was on hand immediately to give Jake maximum pain relief and treat his severe wounds. The shotgun pellets went through Jake’s eye and shattered his cheekbone and jaw making it very difficult for him to eat.
The vet is assessing him almost daily and his recovery, if possible, will be a very slow process. Jake has great spirit and is being fed a special diet. He is being let out each day to enjoy the sunshine.
Major & Bowie back to peak condition again and delighted to be recently reunited!

Major was found with Bowie totally starved and infested with parasites. Major is back to peak condition again and there was great joy when he was reunited with Bowie recently!



We need to build new stables as soon as possible and set aside a ‘Hay Fund’ to see us through the Winter. We hope you would like to help. We have rescued 18 starving and ill-treated horses and 2 donkeys to date.

Brutus the Potbelly pig was extremely undernourished and thin, with no ‘potbelly’ whatsoever, when he arrived at the Sanctuary. He was also distressed and aggressive due to the unsuitable conditions he had been living in. Brutus soon settled down once he realised he was being given regular large portions of food. He has now put on weight and developed a proper potbelly. Brutus is very sociable and loves pottering around freely with other animals.


rescued animal photos
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