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Adopt one of our rescued animals and receive a Certificate, photo and details of your chosen animal, plus an invitation to visit and meet your adoptee on one of our Open Days.

Flicka Mare

Flicka is a 4 year old mare who came to us with the worst disability we have ever seen. When she was discovered her hoof was over a foot long and digging into her other leg. Expert farrier treatment helps to correct the angle of her hoof so Flicka can move quite well around the Sanctuary.


Houdini Raccoon

Houdini is a racoon who was found sitting in the passenger seat of a car after he had climbed into it. He lives in a large purpose built enclosure and his favourite food Is yogurt.

Cousco Llama

Gooty Peacock Tarantula

Gooty the peacock tarantula is a critically endangered species. She came to us from a rescue involving a large collection of exotics that were abandoned.

Arwen Donkey

Arwen's mother came to the sanctuary in very poor condition. She was pregnant and unable to feed her foal so we hand reared Arwen. She is the cheekiest donkey in the sanctuary and loves to play with the volunteers. She opens all the sanctuary doors and is often found snooping around in the reptile house!


Squeeze Boa

Squeeze the boa came to us as her owner could no longer care for her. She is one of many snakes we have received from people when they grow too big.


Speedy Leopard Tortoise

Speedy the leopard tortoise came to us as her owners no longer had time for her. She is only a baby of 7 years and will live to be 100 years old. She was very underweight when she came to us but is now gaining weight and has a huge appetite.

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